Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interview with Miriam Rieder of Taste by Spellbound – Dessert Studio

Interview with Miriam Rieder
Taste by Spellbound – Dessert Studio
Avon, CT

By Kathryn Gordon and Jessie Riley 

Kathryn:   Hi Miriam!  I met you in one of my macaron classes, but how did you get started in your business?

Miriam:  My first business venture was at 10 years of age, decorating cakes after taking a summer class at the local Parks & Recreational department in my area.  My mother enrolled me when she got divorced.  And now we bake together!

Jessie:  Did you always want to bake?

Miriam:  I grew up with a love of food but it didn't become a passion until a few years back. 

Kathryn:   How did you find the location for your bakery?  And how many square feet is the bakery? 

Miriam:  I found the location through a family friend.  The bakery is 1,100 square feet. I had saved up quite a bit over the past two years and was able to fund most of it.  We had to take out a small loan as well for our business financing.  I've been very blessed.

Jessie:   You’re very young; when you started the business a year ago, you were 20!  What else is it that differentiates you from other businesses? 
Miriam:  The quality of my food and atmosphere of the bakery. 

Kathryn:  You seem to have a pretty clear vision for a general patisserie, from your personal look (retro hairdo), vintage apron collection, business card and photos on Facebook.   The bakery evokes Alice in Wonderland.   How did you develop your vision?

Miriam:   I've loved fairy tales for quite awhile and with my baking business being named Taste by Spellbound, I was able to piggyback off my first business venture (fashion headbands), Spellbound.

Jessie: How many employees do you have?   

Miriam:  There are 2 part time employees who bake with me.  I don't even keep a running log of how much I work.  I just know it's A LOT.  I’m baking, running a business and teaching classes. 

 Jessie: How do you see the role of social media for your business?

Miriam:   It's huge.  Facebook is a major media outlet for the business. I post photos and update my fans daily with what we have in the bakery and fun pictures of all the projects we're working on.  But I also have close to 1,000 followers on Twitter as well.  [Follow Miriam @MiriamHope on Twitter].  And although Twitter is an amazing outlet I think Facebook is still “where it's at.”  You can connect and interact with customers and friends so easily.

Jessie:  Who takes your photographs?

Miriam:  I take all the photos for Facebook and Twitter; I love taking pictures of food.  

Kathryn:  What is the link to the Z100 radio station, and how often do you make an appearance?

Miriam:  I sent Elvis Duran on the Morning Show some of my truffles!  Now I've made 5-6 appearances on Elvis Duran over the past 2 years.

Jessie:  Do you see a spike in internet orders after you're on the radio?

Miriam:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But regardless, it refreshes people’s memory about me and the business.

Kathryn:   What advice would you give other entrepreneurs regarding self promotion?

Miriam:   Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and sell yourself. Just keep at it and the fan base will grow.

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