Monday, April 9, 2012

What Is Food Start Up?

Jeff Yoskowitz, Kathryn Gordon and Jessie Riley are bakers and chef instructors at The Institute of Culinary Education (Jeff and Kathryn) and Rustico Cooking (Jessie).  They have joined together to provide a support network to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open a full scale retail or wholesale bakery operation, website-based business, or specialty operation (chocolate, macarons, etc.).

Sharing the A, B, C's of Success in the Pastry Industry.   

The Blog 
In this informative bi-weekly blog, we will post the stories of people who are "in it," and willing to share their stories of success, what to do/what not to do.  We hope an in-depth conversation about their experiences will help inspire you -- and help guide you to be successful with your goals.

The Services of Food Start Up
Chef Jeff, Kathryn and Jessie work with you to regarding:

- Viable space (including co-producers vs. incubators vs. home kitchens, if legal)
- Profitable product line                                                                  
- Recipe development and testing                                                    
- Financing                                                                                      
- Permits, licenses and insurance                                                    
- Equipment                                                                             
- Business support systems (point-of-sale, accounting, payroll)      
- Food styling for marketing materials                                          
- Vendors
- Staffing and Training
- High volume production
- Health inspections
- Packaging
- Website development
- Custom classes
- Arranging financial and operational partnerships

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